About Ancient Cards

Ancient Cards is a centuries old private collection.

The decks showcased on this site are some of the rarest decks belonging to our private collection. Through the years, we have collected hundreds antique decks original version with the goal to preserve them and make them available to the world.

All the cards images displayed on ancient.cards are based of our original decks high-resolution scans which were carefully done by our curator team as part of our effort to digitalize the collection to make it available online. While we have scanned every cards, the site purposely only showcase a representative fraction of each deck to avoid our scans being used to produce counterfeits.

The displayed decks, and many others, can be made available for research or exhibition purpose upon request.

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Ancient Cards is commited to support art, education, and research to the best our ability including providing additional material, and lending part of our collection. If you think, we can help you, we are looking forward to talk about it.

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A word from our curator

It's our hope that by opening our collection, we will help you explore one of the most incredible form of art and bring you joy.
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